Thursday, November 19, 2009

Understanding the Language

Why am I surprised by what's happened before? This is something I used to tell my ESL students about: Often, you can understand a new language better if you don't pay attention. Also, exposure builds ability, whether you pay attention or not.

I was just listening to Kinderen Geen Bezwaar excerpts that are posted here and there. I played a couple of them with no regard for order or episode. I understood a lot of the back and forth dialog, which is basic sitcom stuff. I understood more than when I watched and paid attention. This time, I was on IM and reading in English about other things. It was pretty exhilerating.

My next post will be about the book. I haven't read it in about a week. I have been busy with problems at work, looking for work and fighting with my car insurance company. The only Dutch reading I have done is of a few news articles and Fr. Roderick's posts.

Maybe a breakthrough is imminent. I can hear Dutch more clearly. Although reading remains as slow as ever, it seems that there are more sentences I can read without the dictionaries.

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