Sunday, April 20, 2014

Interaction is the best tool for language learning

If you can do it, conversation is the best way to go.  During lunch at work, I was introduced to someone's mother from the Netherlands.  I saw her come in, and I knew that she would be brought over.  I spent several minutes trying to think of what to say.  Then there was the introduction, "...He speaks Dutch!"

"Ik ben wachten de nieuws van NOS."

It wasn't a traditional greeting, but her face lit up.  She went on about how she liked the place where we were.  To buy time to think of something else to say, I interpreted her remarks to others around us.

After that, I kept thinking of things to say.  It was a huge breakthrough.  I had hoped to see her again, but the rest of her visit was taken up with other places.

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