Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Virtual Birthday Party

Have some cake! Today we're celebrating the birthday of Fr. Roderick Vonhögen, Facebook friend and new media mogul. He also does a lot of work in English.

It amazes me that anyone would go to church, much less become a priest in the Netherlands. When I was there on my only visit, it seemed that Western Europe had attained the Communist ideal of churches as museums. I toured a number of them, but only saw a service of any kind at the Vatican. Back then, the churches of all denominations that I saw functioned as tourist attractions. I saw a few schedules posted, but that was it.

Fr. Roderick is also from my generation. What's slightly shocking is that there have been so few vocations, that he's one of the jonge priesters, even at 42.

Anyway, I've got to sign off. The Learning Dutch with Geert Mak Building is filling up with well-wishers.

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  1. If you happen to stop by, Fr. Roderick, just want to say Happy Birthday! Enjoy your virtual birthday party!!