Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yesterday's Nieuws

I have been watching the NOS Nieuwsuur a lot on Apple TV.  On the TV, it's usually about 40 minutes long.  On iTunes on the computer, it's a full hour.

Right now, Apple TV has the news on it from March 8.  It starts out with the anchors reading a few stories.  Then, they start talking to each other.  The camera pulls away, and they keep talking, but you can't hear it. A camera person goes on the set and leaves.  Most of the set's lights are turned off.  A few minutes go by.  Then, the anchors start reading from the beginning.

Yesterday, I also watched the Nieuws.  There was a gathering of writers that received a lot of coverage.  Then, who should show up but Marion Bloem!  There she was!  It means I have to get back to work.