Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting ready for the Dutch Festival


Right now, I'm seeing how to upload video. This one is of the Tielman Brothers, the leading exponents of Indo Rock. I had hoped to make it playable from the blog, but it looks like you can only do that from the computer.

Anyway, the story of Rock and Roll in the US is told in our own terms. Nothing foreign happens until the British Invasion. Rock music actually spread all over the world right away, but even Mexico's Los Teen Tops are unknown here.

It's a real shame that the international story remains untold. It is often said that music went into remission when Buddy Holly died, Elvis went into the Army and Jerry Lee Lewis married his cousin. Americans don't realize that the beat went on, just not here. Nostalgia music shows on the early 60s present Ray Charles as the exception to a very dull era.

Now that international videos are readily available, maybe the Tielman Brothers' recordings will get some popularity in the US.

Having made a short story long, this does have something to do with the Dutch Festival in Temecula. I'm planning on attending on Nov. 7 and doing a video/slideshow. The video link is practice for that.

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