Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dutch Cinema

I read the Wikipedia article on the subject, and looked up some Dutch movies. Many notable films should be forgotten. I looked at many trailers on the internet. It appears that the Netherlands was hit harder by the 1970s than most places. Those who didn't wear ugly clothes were in pointless nude scenes.

Dutch documentaries, however, are great. They cover a wide variety of subjects.


  1. If you're looking for good Dutch movies, I'd recommend Nachtrit ( about the Amsterdam taxi wars or Rent-A-Friend (, i.m.o. an excellent comedy.

  2. Thanks! I looked for both movies. I will continue to look for both of them. I saw the trailer for Nachtrit, and it looked like a good portrayal of the dark side of life in the Netherlands. For Rent-A-Friend, I could only find the IMDB profile. It's odd. Good movies are hard to find, but you can watch as much Flodder as you want!