Saturday, December 12, 2009

The 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show

Nothing brings me down like ostentatious luxury. When I see cars like the giant-toaster Rolls-Royce with its stainless steel hood, I feel demoralized. I used to aspire to such things, and older luxury cars still seem more accessible. Newer offerings turn everyone into Liberace.

And so it was that I felt even worse when I saw the Spyker. It's a really gaudy car, with fly-away doors and a high collar around the back with a Latin motto in chrome letters. Correctly translated, it reads, "Doodle doodle dee, wubba wubba wubba."

Why was this car worse? Because it's from the Netherlands. When you learn a language, you take on part of it as your own. I have found myself rooting intently for Mexico against Brazil in soccer. I watched the Dutch baseball team take apart the Domican Republic. Then today, I saw this horrific, brightly painted disaster on four wheels. It was a terrible disappointment.

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