Saturday, December 19, 2009

Boer zoekt vrouw

The problem with the internet is that it's limitless. Any interest can devolve into perseverating. Yesterday, I read what was almost a few entire books on corruption. They were on a seller's web site, and the posted pages just went on forever. It was great.

I have always read to see how the world works. When I was a kid, I read biographies, which, as it turned out, only told half the story. Now, I read about corruption to learn about the other half. Even though I have given talks to court personnel about money laundering, and even though I need to keep up with the field, it was too much.

Although the past week wasn't very good, I did manage to keep up with Dutch culture, this time by watching more TV. I was on a run reading Chapter 6 but got sidetracked.

I used the IMDB to find Dutch performers and writers, then looked at their output. There were two memorable shows that I don't recommend. Both show that Dutch culture can be as banal as any other.

The first one I saw was Costa! a romantic triangle cliche movie. The fact that it centered on lesbians did not make it interesting. Every member of the multiracial cast was a white spot on a white wall.

From there, I moved on to KRO's YouTube page and watched some commercials for their shows. Nothing but Boer zoekt vrouw was memorable, and even that was very formulaic, as tv always is. A farmer is shown interviewing women who are amenable to marrying him. I was appalled that American style reality tv was popular enough in the Netherlands to be posted.

Later, I was relieved to find that the show was a remake of a British show, which has been remade everywhere, to varying degrees of success. The American version ran for 8 episodes.

My running review of Geert "Big" Mak's book will reappear on this blog between Dec. 23rd and the New Year.

In the meantime, you can enjoy my post on Christmas and promoting the Dutch language on Dec. 23rd at 4 am in California, 1300 hrs in the Netherlands.

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