Monday, January 11, 2010


I am now back to reading and listening at the same time. Yesterday, I started listening to podcasts again. I can still hear a bit more than I did before, but reading is hard. I'm researching words with the Van Dale now that I'm back on my own computer. Some of my assumptions were confirmed, some not. Also, this last section has been difficult.

Mak's parents started to slowly grow away from the Dutch Reformed Church in the 1930s, though I suspect they didn't know it. Also, his mother's brother came to visit and hung out with his father. His mother liked the movie, The House of Rothschild and thought it was valuable.

Still, my reading leaves more questions and points to my limitations. Why did the uncle come to visit the Dutch East Indies? I can infer that Catrinus Mak's differences with his church had to do with the Depression, but why exactly?

Seeing the words, reading, and still finding such gaps is frustrating. I can't always untangle Dutch syntax.

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