Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I'm getting when I listen.

Here's an exercise I did today (Jan 12, set to post on the 13th.) I listened to a video by Fr. Roderick and did my best to write down what I got. If you're a Dutch speaker, you can check my progress. for the new episode from Katholiek NL TV... in the background, you can see the ... church, you can see the trees in the way... We have a very interesting episode this week, We have a number of items... for example the Church in the NL, reports on.. what the Church is doing, and we have the second episode on the seminary. We'll talk with three students at the seminary in Tildenberg. It's naturally being filmed. Have a look at Katholiek Nederland TV, and you can also check out our films on the website, Thank you.

He also said something about recent celebrations in the NL, towards the beginning. I think he was referring to Xmas as he pointed out the snow.

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