Thursday, May 20, 2010

Het Einde

Here are some final thoughts about this project.

The Most Important Thing I Learned: That in every human circumstance, pettiness reigns supreme. In the camps on the Burma Railway, Catrinus Mak tallied the casualties of death and disease, but went so far as to complain about gossip and backbiting.

My Favorite Part: The description of the air race.

What The Book Made Me Want to Do: I would like to visit Schiedam and Medan. In both cases, I would like to look at whatever old buildings are left. I think it would be interesting to see what's left of colonial days in Indonesia.

The "Whatever Happened To" Moment: In the 60s, the Mak's sailmaking business had another brief life as a sporting goods store. They sold to recreational boaters.

I have another blog starting on June 5th. It's a corporate complaint site. You can find it here. It will last for a year.

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Thank you everyone. I'm grateful that so many of you read it. You can write to me at my yahoo address. It begins with mextravlr.


  1. Do you still consider reading Willem Elsschot? He is my favourite author. I will send a copy to you, if you promiss to me that you will read it. It's only 100 pages long, so no comparison to reading Geert Mak...

    All the best,

    Willem Bongers (you can find my e-mail adress via

  2. Yes, and thanks! I sent an email a few days ago.